About the PowerMax for Splunk Add-on and App

PowerMax for Splunk provides Splunk users with a backend Technology Add-on (TA) and frontend app to simplify interaction with Splunk Enterprise environments.

The Splunk Technology Add-on for PowerMax allows a Splunk Enterprise administrator to collect inventory, performance information, alert, and audit log information from VMAX/PowerMax storage arrays. The TA is a wrapper around the opensource library PyU4V, providing programmatic access to the Unisphere for PowerMax REST API. You can directly analyse data use it as a contextual data feed to correlate with other operational or security data in Splunk Enterprise.

The Splunk App for Dell EMC PowerMax allows a Splunk Enterprise administrator to data from PowerMax arrays through the TA and present them in pre-built dashboards, tables, and time charts for in-depth analysis.

The TA and App can be downloaded from the links below:

From the PowerMax for Splunk 3.x release code for both the TA and app will be actively managed and maintained from the public Dell GitHub repo. The source for both code can be viewed and downloaded from the links below:

What’s New in PowerMax for Splunk 3.1

  • Upgrade TA to jQuery 3.5.


For all issues or queries please contact powermax.splunk.support@dell.com. When contacting please include the following information:

  • Detailed information about the problem you are having

  • PowerMax for Splunk version

  • Unisphere version

  • Splunk Enterprise version

  • Splunk Operating system version

  • PowerMax for Splunk TA logs and splunkd logs if required

Starting in PowerMax for Splunk 3.x you can open GitHub issues or discuss topics related to PowerMax and Splunk. Feel free to open issues or topics if this is your preferred method of communication. You can find out more support information including where to get logs in Support.

Hours of Operation

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